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Rated 4.8/5 by past students, and 100% of founders would definitely recommend the course.

I wish I took this course when I was first starting my company. The insights would have changed every part of how I hired. The depth of suggestions, course materials, guest speakers, and cohort interactions were incredible. Get your spot before they’re all gone and you’re cursing yourself wishing you had a best-in-industry mentor who could tell you how it’s done.

David Kossnick

Product leader at Coda. Previously founded Angle Technologies, and Product Manager at YouTube and Google.

Kenny is fantastic. It’s rare to find an expert in a field that’s also committed to sharing all his tricks of the trade. He gives you the best-practices of all parts of the hiring funnel. If you want to hire the best people, this course is a must.

Steve Krouse

Founder of Compose

This is a course I didn’t realize I would need this much! I can say with confidence that this has helped me to look at sourcing, closing and offer management in a different way. Peers from different backgrounds allowed us to share unique perspectives and best practices. My team and I at Gem have already been implementing a lot of the learnings!

Nathalie Grandy

Lead EPD recruiting at Gem, previously at Airbnb and Dropbox.

Kenny did an amazing job with this class, sharing his knowledge and tools for effective recruiting.  As an early stage company CEO, I found Kenny’s insights extremely valuable. He also shared templates in Coda which are already coming in handy. I specifically enjoyed learning about informational and creative ways to present offers to candidates.

Anjuli Mehrotra

CEO at Evme, Inc., Allergist/Immunologist

Could not recommend this course enough! Highly practical and gives you a sneak peak of how companies recruit top talent. You can use this as your ‘safe zone’ to discuss and debate your approach and what works. Helped refine my approach on topics including candidate screening, pipeline generation, pitching candidates and more. Would not miss a single session!

Aman Rangrass

Leading Partnerships, People, Finance & Ops at Skan

The course did a terrific job in filling in the gaps of my knowledge on what world-class hiring looked like for a startup. It is rigorous enough that you can immediately action improvements to your hiring process, without being overwhelming and leaving you at a loss as to “where to start?”. Learning alongside other leaders and founders brings a special quality to the sessions.

Siadhal Magos

Co-founder and CEO at Metaview. Ex-Uber.

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Kenny has a wealth of knowledge. The classes were fun and engaging, with opportunities to ask questions and collaborate with peers, and talk through real-life scenarios and current recruiting topics. Kenny does a great job of sharing his tips and life lessons, while also asking what issues or hurdles the cohort is facing in their own roles. Learned a TON.

Emma Pessereau

Talent Partner at WorkRamp

The Startup Hiring program was thoughtfully crafted and very well run. Kenny knows Recruiting in and out, especially about the nuances of recruiting at earlier-stage, high-growth companies. I recommend this course to first-time founders and tenured recruiters alike. There are plenty of great learnings for everyone.

Peter Oh

Head of Recruiting at Pinwheel, formerly Two Sigma.

Startup Hiring was everything I’d hoped and more! Kenny doesn’t waste any time - the course is jam-packed with great content. This course was helpful to up-level my recruiting game in this highly competitive market. I can’t recommend this enough!

Natalie Gavello

Currently leading Talent at Persona. Previously at Kleiner Perkins.

Great course - good use of money. Kenny’s offer model and tips how to best communicate comp structures to candidates directly impacted our ability to recently close a key engineering hire.

Alex Marcus

Cofounder, CoCEO @ Mento

I highly recommend this course for entrepreneurs, leaders looking to hire and retain talent, and new managers willing to learn the nuances of hiring for startups. Kenny is awesome and keeps the class quite engaged!

Jay Manickam

Leading people, blockchain, initiatives at Genentech

Kenny’s course was phenomenal! It’s the ultimate program to take if you’re a startup founder or manage a recruitment team. In the course, he brought up a number of tools that we’ve adopted, the favorite being Gem for recruitment drip campaigns. If you’re on the fence, get off the fence & sign up!

Maria Smithson

Sr. Talent Manager, Faithlife

Course Callouts from Alumni

What an amazing course. Thank you for the relentless enthusiasm, thoughtful details, insight, and engagement. It’s obvious how much time and energy you put into this content, and into this as a community. I laughed, I learned, I loved. Would take again. 🙇👏 🙌

It’s extremely clear to me (and to everyone else) how much you care about team building, recruiting and this course. I feel you put all your energy into it and I couldn’t be more grateful for how this course has changed the trajectory of my company :)

Q&A with Kenny. Loved the engagement on the Zoom chat and how Kenny would quickly answer questions. Really felt like his brain was exposed to this super curious and hungry group and everyone could peek inside, and poke around.

My friend and I talk about spitting truths per minute. (He was also in this course). Kenny genuinely had a very high spit rate.

Tactical items such as recruiting process, questions, and closing approach. I picked up a lot from those discussions that I can implement and gain value from right away.

I really appreciated the breakdown and reasoning for the various philosophies Kenny mentioned both in hiring and in closing. The philosophies are a big help in figuring out what I should prioritize, and thinking ahead in terms of interacting not just with candidates but also with the hiring managers at my new company.

Pitching - both what we discussed and Kenny’s Coda pitch. I absolutely loved TORC as well. The approach that Kenny shared was revolutionary.

I loved learning from someone who has built several startups already, hearing best practices, sharing resources, meeting other recruiting professionals.

I love the TORC method, the coins questions, and it was really interesting to run through how others are evaluating/interviewing candidates.

The mixture of students in your class made it much better than previous courses I have signed up for because it allowed me to be a fly on the wall and hear people speak about their concerns/etc.

I loved all the templates shared. I enjoyed learning about sourcing the most. It was the most crucial for me.

This course has helped people at leading companies hire better